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 By Larry Cerqua, TREB President

Becoming a home owner can sometimes feel overwhelming, and the process may cause you to overlook some key chores. These recommendations come from firsthand experience that I’ve encountered with my clients over the years, and I hope they help you in the moving process. Good luck!

Check in with the Seller 

Before the moving process begins, you may have questions about your new home and the Sellers are most likely the best people to fill you in on some of the questions I’ve posed below, and they’ll also be able to leave behind important information and documents, including manuals and servicing records for appliances and utilities.

Update Your Information

One of the first things you might want to do is update your information. Change your address to avoid missing any bills or important pieces of mail. Book an installation appointment with your cable, phone and Internet providers to avoid any interruptions in your service. Once you inherit the keys, don’t forget to ask for the keys to be labeled, it will help with not having to guess which key is for what, or you may want to change the locks just for ease and added peace of mind. 

Get to Know Your Home 

Learn where to locate the shut off valve, hoses, window screens etc. Inherited an alarm system? Learn the code and how to arm and disarm it. Find out how to maintain a pool or hot tub, and don’t forget to check when garbage day is. After all, you’re going to have a lot of stuff you’ll need to get rid of. If you have pets, check the fence lines at your new home to make sure they’re secure.

Capitalize on an Empty Space

After the Sellers move out, you have an empty space to capitalize on. You may want to take advantage and give the place a thorough cleaning, or measure all rooms to ensure that your furniture can fit (don’t forget to measure the doorways!). This might also be the perfect time to undergo any renovation projects you had in mind. From applying a fresh coat of paint, to installing hardwood, or undergoing a full kitchen makeover, you may not find a better time to accomplish these tasks. 

I hope these tips help you in your transition to your new home. If you have further questions about the moving process, talk to your Toronto Real Estate Board Member Realtor.

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